• Original birth certificates.
  • 2 2x2 Photos.
  • Report of vaccines.
  • Record of grades (if the student has been in another school).
  • Card complete with the required data. (Provided by JCS).
  • If you've been in another private institution, you must present a letter demonstrating zero balance on the previous school attended.

Must also present the following information if the student is abroad and has never studied in R. D., or a Dominican but the last grade was completed in another country:

  • Documents proving to have completed approved study abroad, legalized in the country where they were studying either by:
  • The Ministry of Education in the country of origin.
  • Legally recognized document from the country of origin.
  • Documents duly signed by the school in the country of origin.
  • If completed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on, must submit all records of grades.
  • If all documents are in another language they must be translated into Spanish by an authorized public translator and submit the original translation authenticated by the Attorney General's Office.


If you would like to enroll a new student
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