1. Spiritual (Proverbs 22:6)
    • Students will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.
    • To be a bold witness for Jesus.
    • To be submissive and obedient to persons in authority.
    • To be conformed to God’s image, to think and act like Jesus.
    • To grow and mature in the Lord.
  2. Academic/Mental
    • Students will score in the 75th percentile on annual standardized testing.
    • To voice a biblical perspective in all subjects.
    • To recognize God in all created things.
    • To see God’s beauty in the world.
    • To effectively communicate- verbally, written, in thought and in reading- in both English and Spanish.
    • To develop and use good study skills.
    • To know how to reason with logic from a biblical perspective.
  3. Physical/Behavioral
    • Students will score in the 75th percentile on the President’s Physical Fitness Test.
    • To maintain an active lifestyle.
    • To take care of their body, as it is a temple of the Holy Spirit.
    • To have a positive attitude and exhibit good sportsmanship in their sports activities.
    • To develop a love for leisure time and sports activities.
    • To contribute positively to their class, through good behavior and citizenship.
  4. Social/Cultural
    • Students will display positive and Christ-like attitudes in their words and deeds.
    • To serve the community.
    • To display good morals and ethics in decision making.
    • To make positive choices that positively affects others.
    • To carry around a positive attitude.
    • To develop Christ-pleasing relationships with others.