Jarabacoa Christian School (JCS) was founded June 12, 2000 by Dr. Philip Redwine as a gift to the people of Jarabacoa. JCS was approved by the President of the Dominican Republic on August 4, 2000. JCS is a private, non-profit, college preparatory Christian school. JCS provides the highest quality, American-style education that our resources will permit. JCS also seeks to provide the opportunity for its students to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as their personal savior. JCS began in 2000 by offering elementary level schooling. We have since grown and as of the school year beginning August 2007, we offer preschool (PK-2) through 12th grade (High School).

Purpose of Jarabacoa Christian School

The primary purpose of Jarabacoa Christian School is three-fold:

  1. That each student may have the opportunity to come to know as his/her personal Savior, the Lord Christ, the Son of God, through whom alone is granted eternal life by God, the Father. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10
  2. That each student may receive quality academic training through the teaching and example of the faculty and staff. All teaching activities shall be integrated with the knowledge of God and His Lordship of all things.
  3. That every facet of each student’s life (mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual) shall be developed with care, concern, and genuine Christian interest and love. Through these measures, and by prayer and faith in God, Jarabacoa Christian School shall endeavor to prepare its students for society, the world, and eternity.

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