Jarabacoa Christan SchoolWelcome to Jarabacoa Christian School (JCS). JCS is a Christian school that began by the people of Jarabacoa for the people of Jarabacoa. JCS is a school for everyone who desires a higher level of education. JCS is an English school that also teaches Spanish and other materials from the Dominican Education Program; for example Dominican Social Studies. We are dedicated to the students and the teachers.

Welcome to our web page. We hope that as you navigate through this site, you will learn more about Jarabacoa Christian School, our mission, vision, and purpose to provide a higher level of education and build spiritual foundations. If you desire to become part of our successful team through donations, sponsoring a student, becoming staff, etc., we hope that you can find all the information that you need on one of our pages. If not, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jarabacoa Christian School (JCS) is located in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. Our student body range is 245-265 each year, grades PK-2 through 12th grade. Our students are mainly Dominican with a mix of American, Haitian, Chinese, Guyanese, Honduran and Puerto Rican.

Our students are an intellectual, athletic, intuitive, amazing group of students. These students want to better themselves, serve our Lord and Saviour and become all that they can with the opportunities afforded to them through a higher level of education. Our kids hold morals and values very high and we encourage them through our Character education program which includes eight essential life values:

  • Value 1 Respect
  • Value 2 Love/Kindness
  • Value 3 Responsibility
  • Value 4 Honesty
  • Value 5 Self Control
  • Value 6 Courage
  • Value 7 Trust
  • Value 8 Citizenship

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